UDK/CryEngine 3 Tool set comparison

Where I write about the features and usability of UDK and CryEngine 3's level editors. These are not tutorials, I'm merely telling what's nice and what's annoying on each side.

DISCLAIMER: Apart from the sentences where I'm blatantly giving my personal opinion, I'm usually stating facts. So don't feel offended if I talk bad about your favourite engine. Also, bear in mind that I don't have comprehensive knowledge of the engines (especially for CryEngine 3), so if I said that something cannot be done, although it can be, it most likely means I've missed the right tool/option/command. In that case, feel free to leave a comment to correct me. Otherwise, any comment along the lines of "I think this or that is better" will be moderated, unless it comes with appropriate argumentation.


  1. Great Comparison thanks for clearing things out. I'm now in the process of learning UDK , and although I read alot beofre begining that the Future will be CryEngine , I still believe in Epic , and have a great fait that Unreal Engine 4 (Hope to be released next year) will set epic back into the competition.

  2. Good comparison. I got pretty far along in my project with UDK, and just hit a few issues that were show stoppers for me. I can't STAND the fact that I have to bake out lightmaps (especially that the process requires you to load everything into RAM at once, screwing you if you have a large landscape). Also, i ran into issues with hard coded functions for the mouse clicking which I couldn't even access. I have since moved to CryEngine, and it is unbelievably better.

  3. I found this to be an incredibly fair and balanced assessment of the two engines. I myself use CryEngine 3 but this article gave me a much better understanding of the engine's own strengths and limitations. Hope that there's gonna be some more articles in this series :).