Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Vehicle handling design: UDK Motorsport

Last month I looked into how vehicles work in Unreal. While in its default implementation the system is obviously not meant to create super realistic simulations, it's still quite complex and requires a bit of physics knowledge to get the big picture.

I'm going to try and see how far I can go with car physics simulation in Unreal. It will also allow me to give a shot at general vehicle handling design (which is a full-time job!). I will call this project UDK Motorsport.

As the topic is vast, I'll be making several posts on specific topics as I progress in my experiments. UDK will be the platform on which I will make my tests, but most of the theoretical bits should give readers insight on car simulation regardless of the engine used.

That said, chances are I'm going to talk about physics without really spending much time explaining everything in detail. If you intend to follow this series of blog posts, I hope you still remember your high school physics lessons (or your mechanic lessons if you've ever had some).