Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Processing: the language

Another discovery today, Processing is an open source programming language designed to teach the basics of programming.

I haven't looked too deep into this, but it looks very interesting for beginners, as it's less abstract than algorithms. The tutorials all look pretty well organised and detailed. I'd recommend reading those to anyone who wants to learn programming for the first time.

UE Viewer

I've just been told about this very interesting tool which allows you to view the assets of nearly any game made with Unreal Technology.

It's useful to study mesh topology, and the way the companies make and organize their assets.

It seems it's also able to export meshes and textures, though I wouldn't encourage that since you're not allowed to re-use these assets anyway.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Also coming from traditional software development, Beta usually has a less controversial definition than Alpha.

The short version is that a beta contains everything, including the bugs.

However, in games development, Beta has been taking another meaning since the last few years.